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50/50 Work Program

The 50/ 50 LIT work program is an innovative way to incorporate our youth into local businesses with a great  means to achieve additional training and work experience.

WHO:   The LIT (Leaders in Training) workforce development program- youth ages 14years to 18 years

             and the local businesses

WHAT:  A unique employment program to extend additional training to the youth of our community  and in                   partnership with our local businesses we will pay the first four weeks of employment at a rate of         

             $15.00 per hour for twenty hours per week.  The businesses will continue to employ the youth at their

             rate of pay for the following four weeks at twenty hours per week.  The business will submit all hours

             worked to our program and will submit a check to our organization for those hours worked.  The   

             business will receive a tax-exempt statement from our organization for the donation submitted to our

             organization for all the donations submitted.

WHEN: June, July & August

WHERE:  Local businesses

HOW:    The Turning Point Community Development Corporation will provide a MOU (memorandum of

              understanding) to the local businesses which will outline the terms of the agreement between the

              TPCDC and the local businesses.  The businesses will agree to pay the TPCDC the amount of the

              hours worked by the youth at their rate of pay.  The youth will remain contractors of the Turning 

              Point Community Development Corporation.


This is  TPCDC will pay all 

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