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Turning Point Community Development Corporation in conjunction with CRDA, Hard Rock Casino Hotel, Ocean Resort Casino antic City Public Works, Houses of Worship, Atlantic City Housing Authority, O.N.E. program, Empowerment Tools Coalition, Atlantic County Council of Youth Programs,     X-Exclusive Drill Team, Boys & Girls Club, AC PAL  and other community based programs


A youth workforce development program for youth who reside in the City of Atlantic City, ages 14 to 18.  The program is a workforce development program designed to increase the workability of our youth and provide a positive work experience..  The program will also provide a weekly personal development workshop to enhance, enlighten and encourage the youth in the program to achieve and aspire towards success in life.


The program will operate at different worksites throughout the Atlantic City area. 


The program will run from July 6, 2021 to August 27, 2021 from 8am to 8pm Monday to Sunday, with each youth working an average of (4) four hours per day or (20) twenty hours per week.


The program is managed by the Turning Point Community Development Corporation and funded by the Casino Association, the Jingoli/Morris Family and the CRDA.

The youth are referred by our collaborators, attend an orientation and placed at various worksites

throughout the Atlantic City area.  The work experiences include retail sales, real estate youth 

internships, environmental indoor and outdoor sites, ice cream parlor, food establishments, 

podcast and videography program, fashion and sewing program, office worksites, recreational 

worksites and working on a farm.  The youth are also afforded informational workshops on 

the topics: financial literacy, workplace obligations, relationships, domestic violence, goal 

setting, realizing your dreams, understanding yourself, self-esteem, coping with trauma, anger 

mgt, higher education, vocational training, entrepreneurship, social media, choices, civics, drugs 

and your life, pride-trust-respect, death & dying, bullying, goal setting and career development.


For more information on our program visit our facebook page; 

LIT Youth Workforce Development Program

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